True Value of a Home

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Calculating the real value of a homeHome is about a promise. A goal. An achievement. It’s about what you want out of your life, the possibilities of where your life can take you. It’s what makes working the long days worth it, to have somewhere to call your own at the end of the day. It’s a symbol of having made it on your own.

What is home to me? Home can be finally getting time to grab some couch and catch up with my Tivo, or having friends over to grill some burgers on the balcony. Home could be where the neighborhood gets together during the summer block party, or building that man cave with the leather couches and big-screen TVs.

To me, home is a dream that is always evolving, always growing. And chasing your dream…that’s the true value of a home. The new national campaign speaks to whatever your dream is, and the commercials fill me with pride to be part of a company that gets it.

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  1. bonnielarson / 03/30/2012 at 9:55 am / Reply

    Yes, I agree with you Chris. A home is where dreams continue to grow and where loving family memories are created, from the notches on the wall that indicate a child’s height to the wonder of watching the trees grow that you planted in the yard.

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